We Dance Wild:

Online Journey for Women

We Dance Wild is an online program for women to empower the fullest expression of your wildness through embodied earth connection and the rewilding of dance and movement.


 you are invited to ..................ecology, dance and embodiment in a way that catalyses holistic well being within us and around us.



If you are committed to the practices within this course, I guarantee you will:


  • Feel more connected to your whole bodily self and the fullness of who you are;

  • Rediscover the forgotten map for moving in alignment with the Earth’s energies and cycles;

  • Learn how to work with your unique embodiment allies;

  • Commune with the land through experiential processes and multi-sensory activation;

  • Reclaim the shameless expression of your wildness;

  • Experience a transformative, somatic connection with the natural world; and

  • Embody practical tools for personal and planetary healing based on the ancient wisdom of dance and movement.




Will you respond to that inner calling which knows a more connected, embodied and grounded life is possible?

If it feels like a YES - I would love to support you on this journey of remembering the magic your bodily self is capable of.

Our next program starts September 2019

To find out more, simply book a connection call with Brittany Jane is discuss whether this journey is the right fit for you.

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Sold Out

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