Earthbody Women's Retreat Tasmania; March 17-24

​The Earthbody Retreat is an 8-day immersion for women

who seek to EMBODY the wild soul within, REDISCOVER their innate belonging in nature,

and COMMUNE with their earthy kin through somatic movement.


So much of our contemporary lives are displaced from the land, other people and our own soul. The predominant culture is one of competition, isolation and consumerism where it can be difficult to escape the throws of stress, depression, anxiety and burnout. In order to survive, our bodies can stiffen with overwhelm and our hearts grow numb to shield our wounds of separation. Though we yearn for something more - to feel ALIVE and part of something greater than ourselves, to belong to a place, to community, and even in our own skin. These are the stirrings of our WILD SOUL.


Yet despite this yearning, many women feel that they do not have a right to be on this land, or call it their home given the traumatic history of the continent still rife in our cells. Whilst these inhibitions are indicative of a respectful and loving intention, these feelings of shame or guilt can often block our deepest potential for intimacy with Country because we believe we do not belong or are unworthy. More so, they keep us seperate, stagnant and chained to the low vibration of fear despite knowing that love and CONNECTION is the only effective pathway for healing our world at this critical time.


In this retreat, we learn how to re-awaken our BELONGING in nature by embodying the WILD FEMININE.

Reconnecting as sisters of the same Mother. Weaving our collective roots into the Earth, where we are inextricably connected

to the family of all beings and working towards a common goal of HEALING.


To do so, we learn to befriend the intelligence of our cyclic, moving body as our greatest ally in coming home to the Earth and ourselves. We use DANCE, embodiment, craft and ceremony - just as our ancestors have always done - working with the seen and unseen realms to move and transmute the old ways that keep us powerless. Our motions follow the sacred circle of life, our ever-changing seasons of movement witnessed in the flow of all living beings.  We look to the moon, the sun, our womb, our plant allies and see the same recurring pattern which holds the code for ways of being, moving and healing. In doing so, we invite the land to move with us and through us as we STOMP BAREFOOT, sing and drum to the heartbeat of the Great Mother.


As with all journeys of the soul, we must be willing to surrender to the mystery and boldly descend into the unknown where our most unique gifts and insights are waiting. Yet those with the courage to do so, are rewarded with the ecstasy of their wholeness and become the way-shower for great healing. Healing for our hearts, the Earth, the ancestors, and all generators to come.

Join us as we move, laugh, wander, play, cry, listen, pray and sit in sacred circle among the forest trees. The time has come to dance again with our sisters, to engage in intimate conversations with the animate world, and participate in the reciprocity of all life.


This retreat is open to those who identify as a woman.

If you have any questions regarding your suitability for the retreat, please get in touch.


No previous dance experience required. Please get in touch if have any specific mobility questions.

Due to the intimate nature of this program, a connection call is required before booking.

"Brittany shares a strong understanding and connection with the earth combined with a deep respect for Indigenous knowledge while continuously looking for new ways to live in harmony with the environment.  We love Brittany's energy, her unwavering commitment to her growth and the passion she brings to sharing her knowledge of Wayapa, somatic dance and ecology for the wellbeing of others. "

-  Sara Jones, Co-founder of Wayapa Wuurrk


Retreat Program

Together, we will journey through:

  • Reclaiming the forgotten map for EMBODIED ALIGNMENT with the Earth’s energies and cycles

  • Daily movement and dance practices in nature to access the wild wisdom of our bodies

  • Powerful rituals and ceremonies for transmuting wounds into personal power for individual and planetary healing

  • Remembering our abilities to converse with the land through experiential processes, multi-sensory activation, deep listening and merging with the wild

  • Embodying WAYAPA®, a movement-based earth connection modality based on the wisdom of Australia's First Peoples 

  • Shamanic drumming and deep imagery work to retrieve important wisdom for our Soul journey

  • Meeting our POWER ANIMAL - our personal allies for healing & uncovering our gifts

  • Understanding and collaborating with the magic of your monthly moon-dance

  • Journaling and sharing exercises for inner exploration and reflection

  • Wildcrafting, weaving and sharing in sacred sisterhood circles

  • Sharing fireside stories, myths and poetry for the wild soul


Plus plenty of time for integration, relaxation and reflection in the WORLD-RENOWNED FORESTS of Tasmania.


* Please note that the program may change slightly due to various factors

Day 1 - Weaving Our Circle & Anchoring Our Roots


Today is all about safe landings and greeting the energies whom you will be moving with throughout the journey.


Firstly, you are welcomed upon arrival with a nourishing organic lunch crafted by our incredible kitchen witch. We have allowed plenty of time to settle in, breathe out and meet the land. As we commence our opening circle, our sacred container is woven through grounding meditations, vocal toning, relaxing movement practices and rituals to call ourselves fully present. With each practice, we drop deeper into our bodies, hearts and wombs - connecting our roots into the power and energy of this land. Together we invoke the elements, call in our energetic ancestors, allies and guides, and make an offering of gratitude to Country, our Mother Earth and Great Spirit. We speak our intentions aloud, requesting that all women feel held, heard and healed during our time together.


We also use this time to gently tend to our nervous systems, learning tools and techniques for grounding, calming and feeling safe. These include EFT Tapping, breath-work and spinal release exercises to shift from Beta state awareness to Alpha - where communication between the conscious mind and the physical body is dramatically enhanced.


Later, we gather for a smoking ceremony & an acknowledgement for the Traditional Custodians of Land, to cleanse our spirits and ask permission for conducting our women’s business. The day concludes with fireside stories, herbal tea and bush crafting, as we gently prepare our souls for transformation.


Day 2 - Rising Like The Sun


We begin by mapping the Seasons of Movement that will guide our journey into deeper connection with all life and our cyclic feminine essence. This informative exploration will help to bring greater awareness of our body's relationship to the Earth’s cycles that are present within our very own wombs. Throughout the retreat, we will apprentice to these cycles, embodying their teachings as the way-shower of moving, being and healing.


To commence our apprenticeship, we flow with the energies of the rising Sun, of Spring time, of the East and Air. We dance with playful zest, enlivening our inner Maiden through fun movement exercises, community building activities and unearthing our unique expressive voice.


  • Retrieve the forgotten map for embodied alignment with the Earth’s energies

  • Understanding the wisdom of the cycles and the magic of your monthly moon-dance

  • Natural movement exercises to awaken our playful spirit and retrace the steps of our ancestors

  • Contact improvisation techniques - learning to listen and dance with other energies

  • Connecting to the element of Air - the energy of new life, imagination and creativity

  • Authentic vocalisation ritual to express your unique voice

  • Shamanic drum journey to meet our personal Power Animals


Day 3  - Awakening Our Feeling Flame


We continue our journey to the North - working with the energies of the full Sun, full Moon, of Summer time, and Fire. We honour our body temple and begin to reconnect with our sensual feeling centres. We then shamelessly summon our sexual energy and embrace the creative life force of the Mother Earth within us. In doing so, we allow our vitality to shine through as the inner flame of our hearts burns bright.


  • Honouring our body temple as the gateway for reconnection

  • Opening our hearts with breast massage using pure Australian ochre

  • Accessing our body intelligence through Authentic Movement

  • Activating our sexual energy - embracing the vitality of Mother Earth within us

  • Elemental fire dance ritual using movement, breath and sound to stoke our inner flame

  • Journaling and sharing exercises focused on the archetype of Mother and Creation


Day 4 - Letting The Water Flow


We arrive at the gateway of the West - the end of Summer and beginning of Autumn. The time of letting go, the home of Water and the disseminating Moon. We bravely begin the descent, releasing the layers of conditioning and suppressed emotions that have kept us numb to the world. We craft a sacred container for surrendering our grief, anger, guilt, shame, fear and despair, cleansing away the shackles that cripple the highest potential of our Soul work. In doing so, we clear the stagnant energies hiding in the shadowy recesses of our being that may be blocking our clearest communication with the natural world.


  • Shedding the layers of personal and ancestral shame or guilt that may inhibit our deepest connection with the land

  • A dancing truth mandala to free ourselves of stagnant emotions

  • Wild wanders to be witnessed, welcomed and counselled by the land

  • Collaborating with Water in a purification ritual for transmuting our pain into personal power and prayers

  • Fireside mythology, poems for the soul & crafting in the evening


Day 5 - Speaking With The Land


We enter the realms of the West, the time of the setting sun and the Maga. We harvest the wisdom of personal embodiment thus far and apply this to our relationship with the greater Earthbody. Our animal instincts are enlivened as we re-awaken our own indigeneity and begin to find our way home. Today we recover our belonging to the family of all things and learn practical ways of communing and moving in with the land, rather than on it.


  • Refining the art of Dadirri - deep listening to the wild soul within and outside of us

  • Attuning our sensitivity to the landscape & learning how to sense the presence of other beings

  • Merging with the land through camouflage stalking and reflective sit spot practices

  • Embodied storytelling as the gateway for kinaesthetic empathy

  • Blindfold work - learning how to feel as our predominant sense in the wilderness

  • Channeling the voice of the Earth through our unique Soul Song


Day 6 - Reclaiming Our Wild Soul

We prepare for our evening ceremony through wildcraft, sacred silence and prayers that welcome the Dark Goddess to speak to us and through us. As the sun sets, our ceremony commences and we enter the cosmic birth channel of life, death and rebirth. We gather in our wildness, painted up with the Earth with faces lit by the glow of the fire. The beating rhythm of the drum carries us into shamanic trance where the veil between worlds is most thin, and we dance our prayers for the collective healing of all beings. We stomp and sound and vision in unison, both “dancing the spirit back into ourselves, and dancing the spirit back into Country” as Uncle Moogy, a respected Ngarrindjeri elder, shares.


  • Wildcrafting and sacred silence practices to access deeper levels of consciousness

  • Dancing and singing the Spirit back into Country

  • Shamanic dance journey with live drumming under the light of the full moon

  • Working with our guides, guardians and allies in sacred ceremony

  • Connecting with the element of Earth


Day 7 - Planting Seeds For The Future


Today is for integrating and grounding our experiences before setting off into the world. There is lots of space to relax, replenish and recalibrate so the wisdom and insights have time to settle into our bones. The pace is slow, soft and gentle to allow deep cellular reconfiguration from our journey together - similar to the first days after birth. We gather in circle and allow ourselves to be nourished by the feminine, whilst planting seeds for the future.


  • Sisterhood circle to integrate and share our experiences

  • Reciprocity massages to align us with the balance of receiving and giving

  • Seed planting ceremony - grounding the journey of our soul & giving thanks to the land

  • Evening laughs around the fire, herbal tea and bush-crafting


Day 8 - Endings And Beginnings


We close with a gratitude circle to honour the stories shared, the connections crafted and the land that opened our hearts. We give thanks and release the directions, the elements and our energetic allies who have supported us throughout the journey, trusting that we will meet again soon.


After many hugs, we gather for our last meal together at lunch before spreading our rediscovered wings and flying home.




Our wholesome caterers (aka kitchen witch) will be cooking up a delicious array of healthy vegetarian and vegan meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. All meals are gluten free, sugar-free, organic where possible, and sourced from local farmers. Special dietary requests can be catered for also - just let us know.


Organic teas, fair trade coffee and the finest raw cacao will also be available along during snack breaks. Snacks are not provided so if you require any extra food, please feel free to bring this along with you.


Fresh mountain water is also provided for drinking.


Venue: Tenchi Farm


Located on the edge of the wild, Tenchi Farm is nestled into the side of a mountain on a 50 hectare property near Northern Tasmania’s world-renowned rainforests. There is a beautiful lake within view, rolling parklands and an organic farm on the property that serves venue guests.


Camping accommodation allows us to be fully immersed in the natural beauty of this land, waking to the

sounds of vibrant birdsong.


Most of our time will be spent outside, however some practices will be hosted in the light filled, temple space overlooking the countryside. The venue is also fully equipped with a fire pit, indoor and outdoor showers, a cedar wood sauna, and 2 fire baths in a beautiful bush setting


About Meander Valley, Tasmania


Meander is located near the Great Western Tiers mountain range in Northern Tasmania. With the famous Cradle Mountain, Meander Falls and Walls of Jerusalem National Park just a short drive away - the majestic mountains, mystical forests and abundant wildlife will not disappoint. The area is also known for its vitality and creativity, making it a paradise for tree changers, artisans and musicians who fall in love with the stunning countryside and community spirit.


Fondly named the ‘wild island of Australia’, Tasmania’s unique and biodiverse landscapes are truly a world apart. It's no wonder why nature-lovers from around the world flock to the area to bask in some of the island’s natural beauty - whether it be hiking the pristine mountain ranges, surfing some of the world’s largest waves, scuba diving in the Giant Kelp forests, or just soaking in the magic of it’s World Heritage listed forests.


Getting There


Air - The two closest airports are Launceston and Devonport. Both airports are approximately 1 hours drive away from the venue. Both are well connected airports, however Launceston usually has cheaper flights.


Airport pickups - We will be arranging one airport pickup from Launceston on Day 1 (March 17th) - please get in touch to discuss this further.


Drive - We recommend carpooling where possible - this can be arranged on the Facebook group here. Hire cars are also available from the airport. The venue is located in Meander, Tasmania. It is a 7 minute drive from the local township. Specific directions provided upon registration.


Brittany Jane is a Somatic Ecologist, Dancer, Accredited Wayapa® Practitioner, and Permaculturist whose work aims to reunite the embodied arts and ecology. She brings over 15 year experience in dance complemented by 7 years in sustainability education where she delivered international tertiary programs and community courses across the Asia Pacific region. Brittany also holds a Master of Environment in Somatic Ecology and is the inaugural winner of the 2016 Westpac Future Leaders Award for her innovative leadership in the field of socio-ecological restoration.


Brittany is also the Founder of The Earthbody Movement and has helped hundreds of people around the world reconnect with nature by reclaiming the feminine wisdom of their moving bodies. Her work is heavily inspired by ancient and contemporary dance traditions across the globe, combined with her academic background in somatic ecology, Indigenous studies and eco-psychology.

Abby Gilbert is a Spiritual Nature Guide, Elemental Medicine Weaver, Intuitive Dance Facilitator and a Holder of Sacred Spaces. Trained in Advanced Alkymia Energie Healing, BodyTalk and Outdoor Recreation, Abby combines her lifelong relationship with dance and nature connection, intuitive wisdom and body knowledge to guide women to the deep wisdom of their wild-selves. Abby is most at home when learning the songs, stories, teachings and the dances of wild places, which inspire and inform her circle gatherings, sacred spaces, and her individual and  group sessions.


Any Questions?

Book your free 20 minute connection call with Brittany Jane to learn more about the retreat & feel into whether this experience is right for you.

Please feel free get in touch & to share any questions you may have too.




$ 1995 AUD (GST incl) - Early Bird (available until 18th January)

$ 2195 AUD (GST incl) -  Regular (after 18th January)


To secure your space, we kindly request a $400 (GST incl) deposit. The remaining amount can be paid in full or via payment plan. Full payment is due by the 3rd of March 2019.

Payment plans are available upon request - once your deposit is paid, get in touch so we can tailor a plan to suit your needs.


Bookings will be open until the 3rd of March unless sold out before this date. After this date, the bookings cart will close and you will be added to the Waiting List.

Before booking, please read the Terms and Conditions here.

Due to the intimate nature and depth of this retreat, a connection call is required before booking.

Inclusive of:

  • 8 days / 7 nights camping accommodation in the extraordinary landscapes of Northern Tasmania

  • Three delicious meals each full day, plus organic teas, coffee & cacao.

  • All workshops and practices; including dance, natural movement, rewilding & bushcraft, soulcraft, shamanic ceremony, breath work, sister circles

  • Use of all the onsite facilities (indoor and outdoor showers, cedar wood sauna, and 2 fire baths)

  • Access to a team of experienced facilitators to support your journey

  • Pre-departure assistance

  • Access to the Private Facebook Group for integration support upon returning home

  • Discounted access to online courses & programs to continue your journey & stay connected after the retreat


Not Included:

  • Flights to Tasmania

  • Transport fees, including car hire fees or taxis

  • Camp equipment - please let us know if you need to hire some for an additional fee



The Earthbody Movement wishes to acknowledge the Traditional Custodians,

the Pallittorre Peoples, of the sacred lands upon which our retreat is held.

We pay our deepest respects to their Elders past, present and emerging, and give thanks for

the opportunity to gather, dance and heal on their Country for the wellbeing of all beings.

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