Earthbody Women's Retreat Miriwoong Country, Kimberleys

30th May - 6th June

​The Earthbody Retreat is a somatic immersion for women

who seek to embody the wild soul within, commune with the land,

and connect with Elders from the oldest living culture on Earth.

​So much of our contemporary lives are displaced from the land, other people and our own soul. The predominant culture is one of competition, isolation and consumerism where it can be difficult to escape the throws of stress, depression, anxiety and burnout. In order to survive, our bodies stiffen with overwhelm and our hearts grow numb to shield our wounds of separation. Though we yearn for something more - to feel alive and connected, to express our fullness, to unconditionally belong to a place, to a community, and even in our own skin. These are the stirrings of our wild soul.

This gathering of women, including Indigenous Elders and knowledge keepers, is an opportunity to reconnect with the wild soul that wants to dance us.


Together, we begin to re-awaken our embodied relationship with all life and reconnect as sisters of the same Mother.  We learn to befriend the intelligence of our moving body as our greatest ally for coming home to the Earth and ourselves. We look to the moon, the sun, the trees, our womb, and see the same recurring pattern which holds the code for ways of being, moving and healing. We invite the land to move with us and through us as we sing, drum and stomp barefoot to the heartbeat of the earth. We use dance, embodiment, stories, craft and ceremony - just as all our ancestors have done - calling on the support of the seen and unseen realms to transmute old paradigms that keep us powerless and to sow the seeds for a new way.


Join us as we move, laugh, wander, play, cry, listen, pray and sit in circle around the campfire sharing stories. The time to come together has arrived - to dance again as sisters, to engage in intimate conversations with the animate world, and participate in the reciprocity of all life.


"Brittany shares a strong understanding and connection with the earth combined with a deep respect for Indigenous knowledge while continuously looking for new ways to live in harmony with the environment.  We love Brittany's energy, her unwavering commitment to her growth and the passion she brings to sharing her knowledge of Wayapa, somatic dance and ecology for the well-being of others."

Jamie Marloo Thomas, Gunnai Maara Senior Knowledge Holder

& Co-founder of Wayapa Wuurrk


"I feel more connected with myself and the earth, and feel very inspired to action. Thank you Brittany, and thank you to the Indigenous Elders for sharing this knowledge and experience. I look forward to learning more."


Paulette, previous workshop participant

PLEASE NOTE: Registration is not complete until a deposit has been received.

Our Circle

​This retreat is for indentifying women who:

  • Are ready to embark on a soul-nourishing journey in the powerfully spirited land of fire & water

  • Are seeking deeper connection with themselves, the land, Spirit and the wisdom keepers of the oldest living culture on Earth

  • Want to learn more about dancing & moving with the land, and receive practical embodiment tools for everyday life

  • Are tired for feeling stressed, overwhelmed, burnt out, disembodied and disconnected from their true essence and wildness

  • Feel the calling to respectfully learn more about Indigenous culture and ancient ways of moving & communicating with the land through the feeling body 

  • Are willing to soften, learn, share and be vulnerable in the safe container of our circle

  • Are ready to safely express and transmute their pain for the world into personal power

  • Are seeking to deepen their own learning and professional development in the space of dance and embodiment, nature connection, soul work, healing and Indigenous wisdom

  • Are willing to join our circle with an open heart of compassion, non-judgement and respect for each other and the local culture

  • Are willing to be flexible and flow with the local culture - this is one of the magical gifts of working with the feminine

  • Are ready to participate in personal and planetary healing of the wild feminine

If you have any questions regarding your suitability for this retreat, please feel free to get in touch.

Retreat Program

Key features of the retreat include:

  • Learning, sharing, healing and connecting with the Miriwoong Elders

  • Daily Wayapa®, a movement-based earth connection practice based on the wisdom of Australia's First Peoples

  • Reclaiming the forgotten map for embodied alignment with the Earth’s energies and cycles

  • Daily movement and dance practices with the majestic landscapes of the the Kimberley region

  • Powerful rituals and ceremonies for transmuting wounds into personal power for individual and planetary healing

  • Communing with the land through experiential processes, multi-sensory activation & deep listening 

  • Drumming and deep imagery work to retrieve important wisdom for our Soul journey

  • Meeting your power animal - your personal ally for healing & uncovering your gifts

  • Understanding and collaborating with the magic of your monthly moon-dance

  • Journaling and sharing exercises for inner exploration and reflection

  • Wildcrafting, weaving and sharing in sacred sisterhood circles

  • Sharing fireside stories, myths and poetry for the wild soul


Plus plenty of time for integration, play and reflection in the iconic landscapes of the Kimberley region.


* Please note that the program may change slightly due to various factors. As visitors to Miriwoong Country,

we ask that you come with an open mind & a willingness to flow with cultural needs.

Day 1 - Weaving Our Circle & Anchoring Our Roots


Today is all about safe landings and greeting the energies whom you will be moving with throughout the journey.


You are welcomed upon arrival with a nourishing lunch and plenty of time to settle in, breathe out and meet the land. As we commence our opening circle, our sacred container is woven through grounding meditations, vocal toning, relaxing movement practices and rituals to call ourselves fully present. We also use this time to gently tend to our nervous systems, learning tools and techniques for grounding, calming and feeling safe. With each practice, we drop deeper into our bodies, hearts and wombs - connecting our roots into the power and energy of this land. Together we invoke the elements, call in our energetic ancestors, allies and guides, and make an offering in gratitude of Country, our Mother Earth and Great Spirit. We speak our intentions aloud, requesting that all women feel held, heard and healed during our time together.

Later, we gather for a smoking ceremony & acknowledgement of the Traditional Custodians of Land - the Miriwoong People- to cleanse our spirits and ask permission for conducting our women’s work. The day concludes with fireside stories, herbal tea and bush crafting, as we gently prepare our souls for transformation.


Day 2 - Rising Like The Sun


We begin by mapping our journey into deeper connection with all life and our cyclic feminine essence. This informative exploration will help to bring greater awareness of our body's relationship to the Earth’s cycles. Throughout the retreat, we will apprentice to these cycles, embodying their teachings as the way-shower of moving, being and healing. We commence by flowing with the enlivening energies of the rising Sun, of Spring time, of the East and Air. We dance with playful zest, enlivening our inner child through natural movement exercises, and unearthing our unique expressive voice.


Day 3  - Awakening Our Feeling Flame


We continue our journey to the North - working with the energies of the full Sun, full Moon, of Summer time, and Fire. We honour our body temple through nourishing touch, Authentic Movement and begin to shamelessly reconnect and heal our sexual energy - the creative life force and fire of Mother Earth within us.


Day 4 - Letting The Water Flow


 We begin our day by connecting with a Local Miriwoong Elder at Molly Springs who shares her wisdom about the world’s oldest living kinship systems and connections to Country.


In the afternoon, we enter the gateway of the West - the end of Summer and beginning of Autumn. The time of letting go, the home of Water and the disseminating Moon. We bravely begin the descent, releasing the layers of conditioning and suppressed emotions that have kept us numb to the world. We craft a sacred container for surrendering our grief, anger, guilt, shame, fear and despair, cleansing away the shackles that limit our path forward. In doing so, we also clear the stagnant energies hiding in the shadowy recesses of our being that may be blocking our clearest communication with the natural world.


Day 5 - Speaking With The Land


Today we enter the realms of the West, the time of the setting sun and the Maga. We harvest the wisdom of personal embodiment thus far and apply this to our relationship with the greater Earthbody. We begin by attuning our sensitivity to the landscape and practicing the art of deep listening through our feeling bodies. Our animal instincts are enlivened as we merge with the land and re-awaken our own indigeneity. Today we recover our belonging to the family of all things and learn practical ways of communing and moving in with the land, rather than on it.


Day 6 - Reclaiming Our Wild Soul

Today we visit Mirima National Park, a very sacred place of the Miriwoong People. Upon returning from Mirima, our ritual commences and we gather in our wildness, painted up with the Earth with faces lit by the glow of the fire. The beating rhythm of the drum carries us as we dance our prayers for the collective healing of all beings. We stomp and sound and vision in unison, both “dancing the spirit back into ourselves, and dancing the spirit back into Country” as Uncle 'Moogy' Major Sumner , a respected Ngarrindjeri elder, shares.


Day 7 - Planting Seeds For The Future


Today is for integrating and grounding our experiences before setting off into the world. There is lots of space to relax, replenish and recalibrate so the wisdom and insights have time to settle into our bones. The pace is slow, soft and gentle to allow deep cellular reconfiguration from our journey together - similar to the first days after birth. We gather in circle and allow ourselves to be nourished by the feminine, whilst planting seeds for the future. Our day is closed with a sunset boat tour to Elephant Rock.


Day 8 - Endings And Beginnings


We close with a gratitude circle to honour the stories shared, the connections crafted and the land that opened our hearts. We give thanks and release the directions, the elements and our energetic allies who have supported us throughout the journey, trusting that we will meet again soon.


After many hugs, we gather for our last meal together at lunch before spreading our rediscovered wings and flying home.


Venue: Mingaloo Camp


Kissed by banks of the Ord River, Mingaloo provides the perfect container for our journey together. We will dance among the forest of eucalypts, paint ourselves red with the earth and share stories around the sacred fire circle. The property was gifted the name ‘Migaloo’ by Bunna Lawrie, a Mirning Elder, whale song man and founding member/lead singer of Coloured Stone. Thus the property is infused with the energy of Australia's most well-known albino humpback whale.


In 2016, Migaloo hosted the Unify Gathering where Elders, musicians and traditional custodians from around the continent gathered to connect, dance, sing, share and activate the property as a global portal for healing.


Camping accommodation allows us to be fully immersed in the natural beauty of this land, waking to the

sounds of vibrant birdsong and falling asleep to the crackling sounds of the campfire. Shared bell tents will be provided, however you may wish to bring your own camping gear. Swags are highly recommended to make the most of the crystal clear night skies.


 The venue is also fully equipped with outdoor showers, composting toilets, entry to the Ord River and a sacred fire circle in a beautiful bush setting.



About Miriwoong Country, Kimberleys WA


Know as the land of fire and water, the Kimberley region contains some of the world's most iconically breathtaking and powerfully spirited landscapes in the world. We share our time together amidst ancient rock formations, rugged ridges, unique flora and fauna, majestic gorges, freshwater swimming holes and thundering waterfalls. Western Australia is one of the oldest lands on Earth and local Indigenous rock art in the East Kimberleys has been dated back more than 40,000 years.


The retreat is based out of Kununurra which is derived from the Miriwoong word ‘Goonoonoorrang’ (alternatively Gananoorrang) meaning ‘river’. The perfect name for a place close to the confluence of the mighty Ord and the Dunham Rivers. In accordance with the creation era known as the Ngarranggarni or Dreaming, Miriwoong people believe that spirit beings roamed across this region performing certain actions that created natural features of the landscape such as waterholes, springs and rivers - filling the whole land with a spirituality that remains vitally potent to this day. The cultural responsibilities of maintaining these sacred places associated with the Ngarrangarni is an essential practice for the Miriwoong people. Hence, you will surely feel the power of this land as soon as you step off the plane!


Getting There


The easiest option is to fly to Kununurra airport. We will pick you up from the airport and drive you to our camp base. We recommend you book your flights as early as possible, as the price can increase closer to the date. We also recommend you book some extra time before the retreat starts in order to meet the land and acclimatise, OR after the journey for some integration and relaxation time (we guarantee you won't want to leave straight away!). If you wish to extend your stay before or beyond the retreat, there is an option to stay at our camp for a small camping fee per day.


Flights range from $800 - $1200AUD from major cities in East Coast Australia, and $500 - $800AUD from Perth. Please note that flights are not included in the retreat.


Alternatively, you may wish to fly into Darwin or Broome as drive across, making the most of your Kimberley adventure!





A delicious array of healthy vegetarian and vegan meals will be included for breakfast, lunch and dinner. However, please note that meat will likely be served when the Elders are present with respect to their cultural diet.


All meals are gluten free, sugar-free, and organic where possible. If you have any special dietary requirements, let just us know. Organic teas, coffee & cacao will also be available during snack breaks. Snacks are not provided so if you require any extra food, please feel free to bring this along with you.


Fresh  filtered water from the Ord River is also provided for drinking.



Brittany Jane is a Somatic Ecologist, Dancer, Accredited Wayapa® Practitioner, and Permaculturist whose work aims to reunite the embodied arts and ecology. She brings over 15 year experience in dance complemented by 7 years in sustainability education where she delivered international tertiary programs and community courses across the Asia Pacific region. Brittany also holds a Master of Environment in Somatic Ecology and is the inaugural winner of the 2016 Westpac Future Leaders Award for her innovative leadership in the field of socio-ecological restoration.


Brittany is also the Founder of The Earthbody Movement and has helped hundreds of people around the world reconnect with nature through dance and movement. Her work is heavily inspired by ancient and contemporary dance traditions across the globe, combined with her academic background in somatic ecology, Indigenous studies and eco-psychology.

With great thanks, we will also be joined and guided by various Miriwoong Elders,

local wisdom keepers, and the land itself.



$ 1997 AUD - Early Bird (available until 31st March)

$ 2197 AUD -  Regular (after 31st March)

Payments plans are available.

This exchange includes a direct contribution to the Miriwoong Elders and other contributors who will join us on the journey.


To secure your space, we kindly request a $297 AUD deposit. The remaining amount can be paid in full or via payment plan.

Upon booking, we will provide further payment details to do so. Alternatively, you may wish to pay in full or commence your payment plan immediately upon booking.


Full payment is due by the 11th of May.


Inclusive of:

  • 8 days / 7 nights bell tent camping accommodation in the extraordinary landscapes of the Kimberley region

  • Swag hire for sleeping under the stars around the campfire

  • Three delicious meals each full day, plus organic teas, coffee & cacao

  • Sharing & learning from the Miriwoong Elders & other local wisdom keepers

  • Financial contribution to the Elders as a means of offering our gratitude

  • Group visits to breath-taking landmarks in the local area

  • All workshops and practices; including dance, natural movement, rewilding activities, bushcraft, shamanic ceremony, breath work, sister circles, drum journeys etc.

  • Use of all the onsite facilities  such as outdoor showers & composting loos

  • Pre-departure assistance

  • Access to the Private Facebook Group for pre-departure support integration upon returning home

  • Discounted access to online courses & programs to continue your journey & stay connected after the retreat


Not Included:

  • Flights to Kununurra

  • Travel Insurance

  • Any additional transport fees - we will pick you up from the airport so there should be no need for hiring a car

  • Personal camp equipment & bedding (e.g sleeping bags) - swags are included

PLEASE NOTE: Registration is not complete until a deposit has been received.

Please read the Terms & Conditions before applying.

Any Questions?

Book your free 20 minute connection call with Brittany Jane to learn more about the retreat & feel into whether this experience is right for you.

Please feel free get in touch & to share any questions you may have too.



The Earthbody Movement wishes to acknowledge the Traditional Custodians,

the Miriwoong Peoples, of the sacred lands upon which our retreat is held.

We pay our deepest respects to their Elders past, present and emerging, and give thanks for

the opportunity to gather, dance and heal on their Country for the wellbeing of all beings.

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