Personal Mentoring

You were never meant to do it alone.


The relationship between mentor and mentee is one of our most ancient connections outside our family ties. When we lived in tribes and villages, our mentoring relationships where our most vital source of personal development. Almost everyone had a mentor for various aspects of their life.


Mentors are experts at identifying the unique potential within an individual and midwifing it into the world by sharing knowledge, skills and life experience that supports mentees to live their most soul-enriched life. It is a journey of shared discovery that involves guiding mentees beyond the edges of their comfort zone so they can meet the wild expansiveness of who they really are. 

I offer 1-1 mentoring sessions via Zoom for women and womb holders. Both single sessions and packages are available.

My sessions have a strong focus on dance/embodiment, deep nature connection, and soul-centric practices that help to enliven your life and facilitate inner exploration. My mentoring style allows us to journey together at the pace set by you and each session/package is specifically tailored to meet your unique needs and desires. 


My mentoring sessions are ideal if you:

  • Long to feel more connected to your wild, sensual self and the natural world

  • Yearn to express yourself more freely and develop a more empowering relationship with your body

  • Want to learn how to commune with nature through dance, embodiment, and other soul-centric practices

  • Lack a sense of purpose, meaning, direction and/or understanding of your unique gifts/powers

  • Feel trapped in your current life and say things like "this isn't me" or "how did I get here"

  • Want to finally transmute your victim story and reclaim your personal power

  • Are currently facing a major life change/identity death process

  • Are sick of being stuck in a cycle of personal wounding, limiting blocks and negative emotional patterns

  • Are ready to journey to the edge of the unknown and see what lies on the other side

  • Feel numb, depressed and meaningless, and are ready to experience what it means to feel truly alive and thriving. 

If your body says YES, I welcome you to reach out and get in touch. 

"Go out in the woods, go out. If you don't go out in the woods nothing will ever happen and your life will never begin.”

Clarissa  Pinkola  Estéés

Your Mentor

My name is Brittany Jane. 


I specialise in helping brave and willing humans journey to the Underworld using dance, deep nature connection and soul-centric mentoring so they can birth their wild, unapologetic self and embody the authentic depths of their soul. 

I have spent many years learning how to swim in the deep oceans of nature and the human psyche, and have developed reliable ways to lean in with curiosity and uncover my most hidden treasures. I know my gift lies in my ability to guide others through this process for the benefit of Mother Earth and the greater collective.

My greatest joy comes from witnessing deflated and numb humans enter the sacred portal of death and rebirth where they surrender who they thought they were and how they thought it should be, only to discover the wholeness of who they REALLY are, how powerful they are, and how truly alive they can feel. Like a star in the night sky, we can never see them shine brightly unless we are willing to stand in the darkness.

If you are ready to lean into the unknown, shake off the shackles of old stories, and transform your relationship to your personal power - let's have a chat.

"My work with Brittany has been incredibly transformative. Through our one-on-one mentoring sessions, she has held sacred space for me to blossom into my truth and realign with my soul essence. Brittany’s generosity, guidance, wisdom and support has been invaluable to my own healing process. She has provided me with the creative tools and embodied practices to continue on dancing through this wild life confidently. Forever grateful, thank you Brittany" 

Melissa Nanakdewa


" Brittany is dancing in the wild frontiers of the soul. I transformed under her guidance. I came home to the rich ecology of my inner landscapes and I danced them; wild free and unashamedly. Brittany brought me home to the ancient and innate wisdom in all of us."

- Char Hill

PLEASE NOTE: This is not a counselling or therapy service. I am not a certified healthcare professional and this service should not be used for medical or health advice. Mentoring is in no way to be construed or substituted as psychological counselling or any other type of therapy. Mentoring conversations should not be construed as a prescription, a promise of benefits, claims of cures, or a guarantee of results to be achieved.