Our attitudes towards our bodies have everything to do with the health of the earth

In the most literal sense, how we choose to look after our bodies, the food we put in it, the products we cover ourselves with, the fibres we adorn it with - all have an immediate impact on the natural world. If we value our bodies and care for it with mindful practices, then Earth benefits too.

But at an even more fundamental level, how we relate to our body is directly correlated with how we relate to the Earth.

Because our body IS the Earth.

The oxygen in your blood, the water in your organs, the food in your belly that literally fuels your being comes from and returns to the earth. In which case, you are basically the Earth moving in human form.

Unfortunately however, modern culture tells us our identity is incorporeal — its is our superior thinking mind that defines us, rather than our bodies or the Earth. We even consider ourselves as ‘having’ bodies rather than being them! In a society that constantly bombards us with what our bodies ‘should’ look like, its no surprise that people have dissociated from their bodily self though. As a women, I am constantly told that my body is a monstrous creature that must be tamed, trimmed and tweezed - keep that shit under control they say! Think of how many times you've heard of people in the wellness community trying to ‘gain mastery’ over the bodies as if the mind was the conquerer and our bodies the savage wilding.

But if we don’t even feel at home in our bodies, how can we ever feel at home within the Earth? This is why I argue that our attitudes towards our body often reflect our relationship with the greater Earth body. The more we distant our identity away from our fleshy bodily existence, the more we see ourselves as unbelonging and separate from Nature. And as history has shown us, when we lack an embodied awareness of our connectedness to the Earth — our moral radar becomes skewed and we act without a sense of repercussion for our actions; forgetting that the destruction of the Earth is actually the destruction of ourselves. Likewise, the more we accept and participate in trashing our bodily selves, the more normal it becomes to trash the Earth.

This is why, I believe, practices of radical self-connection and love aren't just a matter of selfish indulgence - they are political acts of reclamation and a potent channel for remembering who we truly are as we courageously choose to inhabit our bodies rather than reject them.

And by choosing to reconnect with our physicality, choosing to feel at home in our skin, to really FEEL and embrace our bodily identity - we are choosing to reconnect with our rootedness in the greater Earth body; thus reclaiming our innate sense of belonging and interconnectedness which naturally flows through our veins.

Its also worth noting that fully embodied people who deeply trust their own self-worth and non-negotiable sense of belonging are much harder to segregate, control, manipulate or sell products to. This is because they are no longer disillusioned by the idea that we are seperate from Nature or each other. Or that we ever could be. And its from this regenerated perspective of life as one giant ecosystem, one big Earth family that literally birthed us, sustains us and connects us, that we may begin to move in ways that reflect this ultimate truth.

*Cool little note: This blog post inspired the name of my business - The EarthBody Movement.

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