Reclaiming your vital art as medicine

When I was sick and broken, torn from my essence in the fog of domesticated modernity, dance was my home coming. The glue to bridge the cultural divide between me and the natural world.

But I get it…dance is not everyone’s ‘thing’. Although I still believe dance is part of our intrinsic coding as bodily beings (despite what social norms have conditioned us to believe) - this is a story for another time.

So instead, I advocate for art.

I am unwavering in my knowing that we are all artists. And this connection to our art leads us to deeper relationships with life itself as we develop an ear for the creative calling, the whisper in the night that enchants our imagination.

Unbeknown to many artists and blindingly apparent to others, the source of this spark which allures our hearts and moves our expression, is the very same vital force that birthed all of life, the stars, the flowers, the fruits - all of it! For the natural world does not only inspire our art, our art is one of the many expressions of the other-than human itself moving through us. It is the story of air, water and soil that enters our cells and propels the pen to paper, the brush to canvas, our hands to clay, our feet to the floor. And in allowing them to reveal their beauty, their wisdom, their art through us — we come closer to understanding of our bodies as open membranes closely interwoven with the world rather than separate, autonomous objects.

And so, I believe we must reclaim our place as artists in an effort to reclaim our true humanness — to remember ourselves as inseparably connected and belonging to the magic and mystery of the other-than-human world.

We all have an art.

Will you surrender to the bliss and medicine of yours?

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