The Healthiest Thing You Can Do For Your Body

Do you want to tap into the most incredible source of vitality and youthfulness? Do you want to feel amazing in your body? Do you want to access the healthiest version of yourself? Do you want all this for free?!

Don’t worry – I’m not here to sell you the latest detox program, exercise regime or filtered water made from baby unicorn tears.

In fact, I’m not here to sell you anything.

I’m here to remind you that one of the most powerful things you can do to generate an abundance of health in your body or heal yourself from luring dis-ease…

Is.....(drumroll please)

To LOVE your body.

Not when it’s better or when it’s perfect – but to be with what is and find the beauty in what is, right now.

I speak from experience as someone who has had their fair share of health issues. For years, I had done ‘all the right things’ – wholefood & plant-based eating, cold-pressed juicing, regular exercise, intermittent fasting, lots of nature time, clean water etc etc. And whilst my chosen lifestyle was indeed healthy in many ways, most of my choices were driven by an underlying belief that I was not good enough in some way and needed to be improved or fixed. I had suffered adult acne on and off most of my life and convinced myself that I must be doing something wrong. I must need to do more face-masks, I must be eating too much/not enough of XYZ, I must need to drink so much water that I can barely leave the bathroom, or I must stick more enema hoses up my butt daily to eliminate more toxins (legit did this). I would feel embarrassed and shameful if people saw me without makeup because I feared their judgments about being unhealthy or not trying hard enough.

So despite doing ‘all the right things’ – I still felt sick within myself.

Then I received a huge wake-up call earlier in the year in the form of cervical dysplasia (the stage before cervical cancer). My well-worn neural pathways convinced me that I needed to do the detox of all detoxes. The diagnosis was like fuel to the flame of my old health stories that insisted there was something wrong with me. Only now do I see it was a manifestation of how I felt about myself rather than what I put in my mouth.

Yes, I did clear a lot of physical waste throughout the detox but my biggest and most profound healing breakthrough came when I actually broke my fast.

It came to me like a lightning bolt as if downloaded from the cosmos and I saw my dis-ease with more clarity than I ever had before. I saw that my ‘health issues’ had nothing to do with the perfect diet, movement protocol or infrared sauna routine, and EVERYTHING to do with the conscious and unconscious stories I told myself about myself on a daily basis and the level of genuine love I felt for my bodily self.

Sure - there was also work to do around releasing past sexual traumas there. But ultimately, that trauma resulted in a mistrusting and lack of self love for my whole bodily self.

That day, I was able to see that my desire for clean eating was just a sneakily morphed version of the eating disorder from my teens that was ultimately rooted in my lack of self-love and perceived unworthiness of love. As a teen dancer, I believed thinness and clear skin to be a ticket for love and belonging because I lacked those things within myself and unconsciously sought external validation as a substitute. As an adult, the disorder was much more subtle and hidden, even from my own awareness. I had feared certain categories of food, believing they would hurt me because “I’m sick, don’t ya know!” yet what I really meant was “deep deep down I don't FULLY love my whole bodily self and I don’t believe I am worthy of love even from food I eat, don’t ya know!”.

When I realised the truth of my own creation, I remember sitting on my balcony crying and hugging myself saying “I’m so sorry”. I am so sorry I unconsciously treated you so badly. I am so sorry I expected to see acne in the mirror each morning. I am so sorry I was not able to see the incredible features and abilities of you behind the self-criticism. I am so sorry I manifested this situation and did not recognise my own power to create and destroy worlds.

For someone who works with bodies, dances with bodies and loves the mystical magic of our bodily selves - I can honestly say that I was blown away by how much these beliefs STILL influenced my relationship with myself in a way that even I was oblivious to.

And thus, I finally understood…

The absolute healthiest thing we can do for our bodies is to LOVE THEM.

Tell your body every day – I love you Tell your eyes that can read these words – I love you. Love each valley and ripple on your thighs like you would the Earth’s Let it be a reminder of nature’s beauty expressing herself through you Thank your bodily self for every wound you have healed Every breathe you take without even trying Every 80’s moonwalk that you still break out at your friend’s wedding And most importantly – FEEL that love. As just with manifesting our visions, our feelings are the secret sauce to re-shaping our reality.

Because nothing, and I mean nothing, will bring you more health and wellbeing than the vibration of love.

After my experience, I consciously chose to love and trust my body every day. Trust it knows the most nourishing foods to eat right now, even if that means second or even third breakfast. Trust my cells when they say ‘let’s dance’ or ‘let’s rest’. And upon approaching the mirror each morning, I tell myself that if I expect beauty, I will see beauty. After my dance sessions or beach walks, I even think - wow isn’t it amazing that my bodily self can move in the way it does, I love you!

I have also found guided self-love meditations incredibly helpful. Not the ‘meditations to get fit’ kind but the ones that encourage you to shower yourself in love, feel your connection to the greater Earthbody and sense your whole body radiating with worthiness.

I can honestly say that I’ve never felt more healthy and vibrant in my life – to the point where other people are even commenting on it. I am even witnessing physical changes to my complexion once I was able to celebrate and just be with what is – although this is not the point.

The point is – your body is perfect.

You are perfect.

And you are worthy of love just as you are. Just as the Earth is worthy of love, so too are you. As you are just simply the Earth in human form.

When we are able to recognise this truth, we’re also unplug ourselves from the systems that would have us believe that beauty is in the (often non-recyclable) bottle. Brene Brown (my homegirl) asks us about the stories we tell ourselves “what industry financially benefits from you believing this about yourself?” which is a great question to reflect upon.

This is why content around bodily love and overcoming body shame will be receiving a much stronger focus in my work because both are equally essential for decolonising and rewilding our bodily selves and the places that sustain us.

In fact, I believe both are profound deeds of sacred activism.

In a culture so desperate for love and belonging to the degree that we’ll do anything to get it, no matter what the cost – imagine what the world might look like if everyone remembered their unconditional belonging and made choices from a place of love and interconnectedness to the family of all life. I also imagine such people to be the leaders we most need on this planet because they’d just get on with the work they are here to do here without shame or fear. I speak more about this in a previous blog post here.

So as the New Moon in Virgo rises – I invite you to reflect on where you could be giving yourself a lot more permission to receive a lot more self-love this moon cycle, and for all to come.

It’s the healthiest and cheapest thing you can do for your bodily self and the wellbeing of the Earth.

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