The most courageous thing we can do in this world is to feel

May we hail those brave enough to feel it all.

Those who lean into the pain with full trust of its service in the emergence of our unique gifts and compassion.

Those who embrace their grief as a badge of honour to have loved so deeply it brings them to their knees.

Those who express but not project their sacred rage, allowing it to burn away stagnation and remind them of their power.

Those who gives thanks to experiences of overflowing joy, accepting its abundance rather than questioning if they deserve it.

Those who scream in sexual ecstasy and pleasure, without wondering who they might offend.

Those willing to look inward when they feel triggered, thanking rather than cursing the person or situation who just facilitated the next step of their own evolution.

Bless those who know that feeling take guts, but chose to be fully-bodied humans, over and over again.

Because robots who can’t even feel the wisdom of their own body or the Earth trying to speak through them, are of little service to the world in the long run.

Robots who are so numbed out through their unwillingness to surrender and befriend what lies below the surface.

I beg you - don’t be a robot, be brave.

Because what the world needs most right now is people who are a courageous enough to feel.

Not to be crippled by it, but to feel it, to acknowledge it, and to transmute it for its highest purpose and service of all beings.

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