We Dance Wild  Retreat

East Kimberley, Australia

Miriwoong Country

2021, Specific dates TBA

We Dance Wild Retreat is a life-changing somatic journey to one of the last wild frontiers on Earth -

the East Kimberley region of Australia, also known as Miriwoong Gajerrong Country.


The retreat provides a unique opportunity to dance among the breathtaking lands of fire and water, and connect with the Indigenous women of place to learn about culture, dance & deep nature connection.


This rare gathering of women also provides a welcoming and supportive space to unwind our nervous systems from the overwhelming busy-ness of modern life, and reawaken our embodied relationship with the land through dance and movement.


Throughout the retreat, we will meet with various women from Miriwoong Gajerrong Country and other areas to explore our relationship to place through mediums including dance and embodiment, Wayapa, Indigenous knowledge, wildcraft, interspecies communication, the Work That Reconnects, storytelling and somatic ecology - just as our ancestors once did.  We will also journey with the EARTHED™ framework as our guide for embracing an embodied alignment with the Earth’s natural rhythms. This framework follows the sacred cycle of life, the ever-changing seasons of movement witnessed in the dance of all living beings. As we apprentice to these cycles each day of the retreat, we rediscover a way of moving and being that honours our body’s innate intelligence and the Earth at large. The full itinerary is available here.


Many women have described this experience as ‘profoundly life-changing’, ‘transformative’, ‘deeply nourishing’, ‘full of the most amazing days I’ve ever had’, and ‘a profound part of the necessary healing in Australia’. You can read more full testimonials here.


This retreat is open to all individuals who identify as a woman. Babies in arms are also welcome as our VIPs. If you have any questions regarding your suitability for this retreat, please feel free to get in touch.


Join us as we dance in a new paradigm of relating to self, other and Country as guided by the oldest living culture on Earth.


There are limited spaces available. Early bookings are encouraged - this retreat has sold out in previous years.

Your Retreat Includes:

  • Daily dance and embodiment practices among the majestic landscapes of the East Kimberley region of Australia

  • Guided exploration of the EARTHED™ framework - our map for embracing an embodied alignment with the Earth's cycles

  • Opportunities to commune with the land through experiential processes, solo time in the wild, and guided movement activities

  • Daily Wayapa®, a movement-based earth connection practice based on the wisdom of Australia's First Peoples

  • Immersive sojourns to breathtaking landscapes such as Mirima National Park (aka the mini Bungle Bungles) and remote waterfalls

  • A Welcome to Country ceremony with the respective Traditional Custodians

  • Wildcraft Weaving Workshop with local Aboriginal artisans and desert weavers

  • Cultural Kinship and Connection workshop with Edna O’Malley, a Miriwoong Elder & Traditional Custodian for the Molly Springs Community

  • Traditional Boab Nut Carving & Bush Medicine Workshop at Molly Springs Aboriginal Community

  • Local Bush Tucker Workshop along the sacred Dunham River with respective Traditional Custodians

  • Traditional dance performance and feast with local artists

  • Storytelling and songs around the campfire under the stars

  • Sharing circles with women and journaling activities for inner reflection


Please note: The program is subject to change due to various factors including cultural and environmental.

Day One: Arrive to the Land of Fire and Water


Enjoy the stunning views as you fly over Miriwoong Gajerrong Country before landing in Kununurra. Upon arrival, you will be greeted and transferred to Migaloo Camp via car. Migaloo is approximately 20 minutes from the airport and township. At Migaloo, there will be plenty of time to settle in, breathe out and meet the land. You may even enjoy a refreshing swim in the Ord River. Our journey commences with a Welcome Dinner followed by an evening circle and movement practice to weave our container, drop in and get to know each other. We also use this time to invoke the elements, the directions, the ancestors and the energies of place to be with us throughout our time together.



Location: Miriwoong Country, Kununurra

Western Australia's Kimberley region is one of the last wilderness frontiers on Earth and is among the oldest lands on the planet. The area one of Australia's hidden treasures with an immense and complex landscape that encompasses spectacular gorges, waterfalls and cave systems, pockets of lush rainforest and an astonishing variety of wildlife. The Kimberley is home to merely 40,000 people meaning that there are fewer people per kilometre than almost any other place on Earth.


Know as the land of fire and water, the East Kimberley region including Kununurra, contains some of the world's most iconically breathtaking and powerfully spirited natural wonders. Most importantly, we find ourselves in a rich cultural landscape that is layered with stories, spirituality and customs of the Indigenous Custodians. Local Indigenous rock art in the East Kimberley has been dated back to more than 40,000 years and is recognised as some of the best examples of rock paintings found anywhere in the world. Local artwork by the Waringarri Arts CentreBen Broady and Kimberley Australia also offers a glimpse into the majestic beauty of this region through their respective expressions. 


The retreat is based on Miriwoong Gajerrong Country in Kununurra which is derived from the Miriwoong word Goonoonoorrang meaning ‘river’. The perfect name for a place close to the confluence of the mighty Ord and the Dunham Rivers. In accordance with the creation era known as the Ngarranggarni or Dreaming, Miriwoong people believe that spirit beings roamed across this region performing certain actions that created natural features of the landscape such as waterholes, springs rivers - filling the whole land with a spirituality that remains vitally potent to this day. The cultural responsibilities of maintaining these sacred places associated with the Ngarrangarni is an essential cultural practice for the Miriwoong people today.


Our Camp

Migaloo Camp is a privately owned property approximately 20 minutes from Kununurra, Western Australia. The property was gifted the name ‘Migaloo’ by Bunna Lawrie, a Mirning Elder, whale song man and founding member/lead singer of Coloured Stone. Thus the property is infused with the energy of Australia's most well-known albino humpback whale. In 2016, Migaloo also hosted the Unify Gathering where Elders, musicians and Traditional Custodians gathered to activate the property as a global portal for healing.


Accommodation options include shared bell tents, private cabin rooms, shared cabin rooms or swags for sleeping under the stars. You may also wish to bring your own camping equipment and/or a mosquito net if you prefer. All options require you to bring your own sleeping bag and pillow.


The venue is fully equipped with an undercover kitchen and lounge area, outdoor showers, flushing composting toilets, river entry, and a fire circle located in a beautiful bush setting. Many women have enjoyed starting their day with a refreshing swim in the Ord River at the base of the property.


Please note: Migaloo is not an Aboriginal community. We will travel to the communities and be visited by Indigenous women at our camp.


A delicious array of healthy, simple but hearty vegetarian and/or vegan meals will be included for breakfast, lunch and dinner. However, traditional meat (such as kangaroo tail) will be served when the local women are present with respect to their cultural diet. Organic teas, coffee & cacao will also be available during snack breaks and fresh filtered water from the Ord River is provided for drinking.  All meals will be gluten-free, sugar-free, and organic where possible. If you have any other dietary requirements, we are able to cater accordingly.


There will also be an opportunity to learn how to identify, harvest and cook traditional bush tucker and medicinal plants throughout the retreat. This includes plant-based foods such as the boab nut and lawang leaves, and animal-based foods such as kangaroo tail and local fish. Our Aboriginal guides understand that some women may not wish to eat or hunt meat which is also respected.


Please note: Personal snacks are not provided. If you require any extra food, please bring this along with you. There is also an opportunity to buy personal snacks on your arrival day when we stop at the local township for supplies.

Getting There

Fly: Kununurra airport is approximately 20 minutes from our retreat location. This is the recommended airport if you choose to fly. Airport transfers are available for all participants. We recommend you book your flights as early as possible as the price can increase significantly closer to the date. Flights range from $700 - $1200AUD from major cities in East Coast Australia, and $500 - $800AUD from Perth depending on when you book. Our retreat starts at 5pm on the 10th of May so please ensure your arrival time is NO LATER THAN 3:15PM. Departures can be arranged for any time on the 20th of May.


Train/Bus: Cross-country trains to Darwin are available from most major cities. From Darwin, you will need to arrange a Greyhoud Bus to Kununurra. The bus ride from Darwin to Kununurra is approximately 12 hours with spectacular views of the Kimberley region along the way. Pickups/drop-offs are available from the bus station on the 10th and 20th of May. This is the most ecologically sustainable form of transport to the retreat.


Car: You may wish to drive or hire a car from your hometown or from another town in the Kimberley region (such as Broome or Darwin). In the past, some women have flown to Broome and enjoyed a road trip through the Kimberley region before arriving at the retreat. Others have hired a car after the retreat and driven to Darwin or Broome for an extended adventure. If you choose to travel by car, it is your responsibility to make all necessary arrangements.


Please note: Travel expenses including airfares, train tickets, car hire and other costs are not included in the retreat fee.

Airport/bus station transfers and transport on day trips within the retreat dates are the only transport that is included. 

Financial & Travel Assistance

We are so excited to announce a new partnership with Travel with Intention, a family-run Australian social enterprise specialising in conscious travel. Brooke from Travel with Intention has offered to help participants with flights/travel bookings to Kununurra and travel insurance to ensure you get the best prices available on the market. She has access to deals not advertised to the public - so I highly recommend getting in touch with Brooke to help you take the stress out of booking.


We are so grateful to be working with Brooke who has dedicated her life to exploring the world, learning from Elders, and preserving ancestral teachings from all continents. Being a single Mumma of two beautiful children, Brooke also understands some of the challenges that arise when choosing to travel with intention.

This is why Brooke is offering a 9 MONTH INTEREST FREE payment plan if you book with her (conditions apply). This may include the retreat itself, your flight/travel bookings, travel insurance and any other travel needs - or any combination of these. So you don't have to worry about missing out - you can book straight away and have time to pay it off over 9 months.

You can contact Brooke directly at brooke@travelwithintention.com.au or give her a call at 0421 646 202.

"This retreat will forever mark a turning point in my life. A turning point into the deep ecology of my body and the wild, raw territory of my soul. My deepest silent longings to explore the wild frontiers of my sensual, authentic expression were met at this retreat without shame or judgement. I am now forever dancing and moving towards my true nature. Brittany’s work brought me home to this ancient and innate wisdom in all of us. She is truly dancing in the wild frontiers of the soul. I transformed under her guidance and came home to the rich ecology of my inner landscapes. I can feel this has sent a ripple of love and prayer through my body and out into the Earth. Brittany is wise beyond her years with a wealth of knowledge that runs deep within. Her wealth of knowledge is astounding and her integrity is impeccable. Watch this space because Brittany’s offerings are so precious, so tender-hearted, so soulful, so much integrity - that they are not to be missed."

- Char Hill
 Teacher at the School of Shamanic Womancraft, Facilitator for the Maiden School of Magic and Becoming A Woman Journey


All prices are in AUD.

Payment plans are available.

Swag and/or Shared Bell Tent

(including own tent)

Was $4397

Now only $3397, Save $1000

Shared Room in cabin - limited availability

Was $4797

Now only $3797, Save $1000

Private Room in cabin - limited availability

Was $4997

Now only $3997, Save $1000

Your investment includes a direct contribution to the Aboriginal women and knowledge keepers that will be sharing their time with us throughout the retreat.

To secure your space, we kindly request a $497 deposit. Once your deposit has been received, you will be contacted with options to pay the remaining amount. The remaining amount can be paid in full or via payment plan. To access the Early Bird price, deposits must be received before the 1st of February 2020.


A 9 month interest-free payment plan is also available for all booking made through Brooke at Travel with Intention (conditions apply). You can contact Brooke directly at brooke@travelwithintention.com.au or 0421 646 202.


Bookings close April 2021 (dates TBA)


  • 11 days / 10 nights accommodation among the extraordinary landscapes of the Kimberley region

  • Three delicious meals each full day, plus organic teas, coffee & cacao

  • Financial contribution to Aboriginal facilitators

  • Airport or bus station transfers

  • Entry fess & guided visit to Mirima National Park (aka the mini Bungle Bungles)

  • Welcome to Country ceremony with the respective Traditional Custodians

  • Wildcraft Weaving Workshop with local Aboriginal artisans and desert weavers, including all materials 

  • Cultural Kinship and Connection workshop with Edna O’Malley, a Miriwoong Elder & Traditional Custodian for the Molly Springs Community

  • Traditional Boab Carving & Bush medicine Workshop at Molly Springs Aboriginal Community

  • Local Bush Tucker Workshop along the sacred Dunham River

  • Traditional Dance Performance and Feast with local artists

  • All embodiment practices; including dance, natural movement, daily Daily Wayapa® classes, bushcraft, breathwork, drum meditations etc.

  • Full use of all onsite facilities including outdoor showers & flushing composting toilets

  • Pre-departure assistance including an Information Pack, Packing List & Live Q&A Call

  • Access to the Private Facebook Group for pre and post retreat support


         Not included

  • Transport to Kununurra (e.g flight costs, train/bus fares or personal car hire)

  • Credit card fees

  • Personal Travel Insurance

  • Any additional transport fees

  • Sleeping bags & pillows (only if camping)

Additional Activities

All additional activities are optional and available after the retreat only.
Activities are paid via cash after the retreat.
Zebedee Hot Springs
Zebedee Springs is a much loved hot spot for locals (pardon the pun!). The springs are fed by a permanent water supply deep within the earth that maintains a constant temperature of 28 -32 degrees celsius year round. The surrounding cliff faces are up to 1800 million years old and are known as 'King Leopard Sandstone'. The Springs are also home to a remote forest of Livistona Palms that truly make this a unique oasis within the desert.
Full Day: Zebedee Springs & Emma Gorge (6am - 3pm): $100 per person
Includes car hire (2 hour return drive), fuel costs and entry fees. Lunch not included. Minimum 2 people
Emma Gorge Hike
Emma Gorge is one of the Kimberley’s most spectacular and accessible gorges that features a 65 metre droplet waterfall and tranquil swimming hole surrounded by red rock cliffs. Located within El Questro Wilderness Park, the waterfall is approximately a one hour walk from the car park area (depending on your fitness level). The hike is dotted with rock pools, ancient boulders and lush greenery before arriving at the refreshing lagoon where it’s impossible to resist a dip in the crystal clear water.
Full Day: Emma Gorge Hike & Zebedee Springs (6am - 3pm): $100 per person
Includes car hire (2 hour return drive), fuel costs and entry fees. Lunch not included Minimum 2 people.
Ord River Private Boat Tours (Sunset Tour or Full Day)
Sunset Boat Tour: Our private boat leaves Migaloo Camp at 3pm and takes us to a series of secluded swimming spots that are home to the Comb-crested Jacana, affectionately known as Jesus Birds. The Jacana's large webbed feet allow them to walk across lily pads as if walking on water. After a refreshing dip, the boat will take us to Emu Creek Wetlands with stunning views of Elephant Rock, also known as Sleeping Buddha. There is an opportunity to view ancient Aboriginal rock art at the base of Elephant Rock if it feels right for you to enter this sacred place. We then begin our journey home as the sun sets for the 'light show finale'. This has been a highlight for many guests who experienced their first 360 degrees sunset skies.
Full Day Tour: An unforgettable day on the Ord River. We’ll have lunch at Jump Rock and continue on to the spectacular Carlton Gorge with its magnificent cliffs and rock overhangs. This breathtaking landscape of the Kimberley region is often missed by most tourists due to its remote location. In the afternoon, we make our way back up the Ord and complete our journey with the Sunset Tour, including a visit to Emu Wetlands, Elephant Rock and traditional rock paintings. As icing on the Kimberley cake, we end the day with colourful sunset views from the water - a memory that will last a lifetime. 
Sunset Boat Trip: $50 per person
Full Day Boat Trip: $100 per person
All Private boat tours require a minimum of 2 people, and a maximum 10 people. Food not included.
Roy's Wildlife Retreat with Barbara Walker
Roy's Retreat is a local rescue & rehabilitation centre for native wildlife run by local legend, Barbara Walker. The off-grid, bio-dynamic retreat is the only soft-release rehabilitation place for wallaroos & wallabies in the Kimberley and has been paramount in bringing the Antilopine wallaroo back to the region. Antilopine wallaroos are the rarest of our big Australian species and are seriously endangered. Barbara lives on the retreat and has amazing stories to share of The Kimberley. 
Visit Barbara at Roy's Wildlife Retreat: $100 per person
Includes entry fees, transport and tour with Barbara Walker. Minimum 2 people. Lunch not included.


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