Wayapa Training

Wayapa® Wuurrk is a holistic wellness modality based on the wisdom of Australia's First Peoples. The modality uses physical movement, storytelling and earth-based meditation to catalyse an embodied connection to the Earth, resulting in enhanced wellbeing for both our inner and outer environments. Wayapa is gaining significant recognition as Australia's version of yoga as it uniquely shares practices and philosophies that sustained the oldest living culture for over 80,000 years.


Join Wayapa® creators - Jamie Marloo Thomas, a Gunnai and Peek Whurrung Gunditjmara senior knowledge holder, and Sara Jones - for an self-paced Introductory Online Course so you can practice Wayapa® anywhere, anytime. 


You can sign up anytime to learn more about Indigenous philosophy and daily earth connection practices direct from the source.


As a bonus for those who purchase this course, you will also receive the Wayapa® Earth Meditation to help still the mind and connect to the earth. Perfect for a morning or evening/sleep meditation practice.


For a limited time, get access to the course for only $99!

Are you passionate about sharing earth connection?

Do you want to learn more about Indigenous philosophy?

Are you interested in embodiment and movement as a daily practice?


Be among the first Accredited Practitioners in the world who are trained to deliver Wayapa®, the only Indigenous Wellness modality certified by the International Institute for Complementary Therapists. 

Wayapa® welcomes people of all cultures and backgrounds to join the practitioner community. Whether you are a yoga instructor, a teacher, or a CEO; we all need more Wayapa in our lives.


Training Opportunities


"In a time of unprecedented disconnection and socio-ecological crisis, I believe Wayapa® offers us a holistic way forward with Indigenous wisdom as the guiding force. This wisdom helped to sustain the oldest living culture on Earth for over 80,000 years, however the general accessibility of this knowledge to date has been very limited. This is why Wayapa® is so important – not only does it actively help to restore and conserve this ancient wisdom, but it also uniquely shares it with the world; thus empowering a more sustainable and healthy future for us all. As a non-Aboriginal woman, Wayapa® has also helped me to remember my own indigeneity to the planet; reawakening my own sense of belonging as a steward of the Earth."

- Brittany Jane, Accredited Wayapa® Practitioner