Wild Cycles:

Women, Dance & Nature

6th -8th November 2020

Victoria, Australia

Wild Cycles is a training ground for women who are ready to embody their power as earth-centred leaders.


At this unprecedented time in history, women like you are being called forth by the Earth herself to embody a new paradigm of connection to self, our bodies, each other and the lands that sustain us.

It's no secret that the dominant model of perpetual growth, inequality and injustice does not serve us anymore - neither our bodies or the greater Earth body. The Earth has made herself very clear that change is both necessary and upon us now - whether that be via droughts, floods, fire or a global pandemic. As women, it is time to step up in a new way that is not just another 'conscious' version of the same old patterns of stress, shame/guilt and martyrdom.


Now is the time to truly EMBODY what it means to live in alignment and harmony with the natural laws of our inner and outer ecologies. It is no longer enough to talk about it - we must know it in our bones, feel it in our bodies and dance it into reality. 


As women, this wisdom lives in you. It's what your body and your nervous system long for, as does the Earth.


It is a way of being that is written in the moon, the sun, our womb, and our plant allies.⁠ It is a rhythm that the land models so easefully and invites us to follow. ⁠ And it holds the key to true healing and balance for people and planet alike. ⁠

We call these - the Wild Cycles. ⁠


In this weekend immersion, we take you on a BODY-BASED JOURNEY to connect with the wild cycles and learn how to harness their power to transform your life. As we apprentice to these cycles, we learn from experience what is needed to transform as an entire culture and uplift your own wellbeing. We also discover that the key to being a powerful change-maker is developing strong relationships with the Earth that will be your ultimate resource and guide along your path.


Throughout the weekend, we will draw upon a range of modalities including dance and embodiment, rewilding, deep nature connection, Joanna Macy's Work that Reconnects, and somatic ecology to bring us home to the wild cycles within and around us. This holistic approach is designed to help you access unlimited sources of personal power and connection that ground you to your purpose.


You’re invited to join our circle of identifying women as we gather around the fire, dance under the stars, sing among old growth forests, and reconnect within the wild cycles.


This immersion is open to those who identify as a woman and either have or had a womb due to the nature of specific practices. If you have any questions regarding your suitability for this retreat, please feel free to get in touch.


Bookings are essential and limited.

You Will Recieve:

  • Practical tools for harnessing the wisdom of the cycles in your daily life

  • Guided exercises in deep nature connection, rewilding and eco-somatics

  • First-hand experience of Wayapa®, a movement-based earth connection modality based on the wisdom of Australia's First Peoples

  • Practices for activating your sensory awareness and developing your eco-sensual expression

  • Solo time on the land to open up communication with the wild within and around you

  • Maps for accessing altered states of consciousness such as dance, breathwork, and deep listening

  • An opportunity to merge with wild nature and develop an embodied understanding of ‘earth as self’

  • Movement games among the trees to summon your playfulness and curiosity

  • An opportunity to merge with wild nature and develop an embodied understanding of ‘earth as self’

  • Guided processes for meeting and embodying your animal ally

  • An opportunity to be seen, witnessed and held by a community of compassionate sisters

  • Storytelling and songs around the campfire under the stars

Dates and Times


Participants are invited to arrive at 4pm from 5pm sharp start on Friday 6th November. We will finish with a closing circle that will end no later than 3pm on Sunday 8th November.




Camping accommodation allows us to fully immerse ourselves in the majestic forest surroundings. Camping equipment is not provided so please BYO camping gear. You are also welcome to bring a swag if you wish to sleep under the stars around the fire. Vans and caravans are also permitted.




All meals throughout the weekend immersion are included (Friday dinner - Sunday lunch). Catering will include a delicious array of vegan/vegetarian, gluten-free, refined sugar-free, and organic meals where possible. If you have any other specific dietary requirements, please let us know in the registration form. 


Organic teas, coffee & cacao will also be available during snack breaks. Please bring any other personal snacks you may require.


The immersion is hosted among old-growth forests, breathtaking mountains and winding creek beds at Shambhola. Also home to the much loved ‘Yoga Camp’, Shambhola is a stunning, off-grid, natural bushland property nestled within the wild Alpine region of Victoria. The property is proudly committed to regenerative living practices such as permaculture design, organic principles and eco-building.


We will greet each day with scenic mountain views, vibrant birdsong, pure mountain air and fresh spring water from the mountain. Without access to mobile phone or internet reception, the venue provides a beautiful opportunity for a digital detox where we can fully surrender into the natural way of the forest.


Shambola is approximately 2 hours and 45 minutes drive from Melbourne in North-East Victoria

(precise location emailed upon registration)


Brittany Jane is a Somatic Ecologist, Dancer and Accredited Wayapa® Practitioner whose work is reuniting the embodied arts and ecology. She has over 15 years of experience in dance and embodiment, complemented by 7 years as a Sustainability Educator where she delivered both tertiary and community courses for hundreds of students across 8 countries. Brittany holds a Master of Environment degree in Somatic Ecology and has received numerous awards for her innovative leadership in this unique field of socio-ecological restoration, including the inaugural Westpac Future Leaders Award and the Australian Prime Minister’s Endeavour Award. In 2018, Brittany also founded The Earthbody Movement which offers immersive programs in eco-somatics, nature connection and cultural exchange. Her vision is that dance and movement may rise again as a central way of knowing, expressing and healing our relationship with the natural world.

Karina Donkers is a Qualified Yoga Teacher 200hrs, Reiki Master, Permaculture Designer, and Founder of Eco Voices. Karina is fiercely passionate about supporting women to come home to themselves and the world. She believes that everyone has a unique role to play in the healing of the planet and wants to help people discover what already lives within them. Originally trained in Social Work specialising in community development, mental health, women's rights and environmental change, Karina has now broadened her focus to include deep nature connection and deep ecology. Karina has had the privilege to be trained by Joanna Macy, one of the grandmothers of deep ecology, in California with ‘The Work That Reconnects’, Tom Brown Jnr in Philosophy of the Soul in his Australian Tour and Jon Young in Tracking and Storytelling.

"Absolutely amazing! If anyone is second guessing going on this retreat don't hesitate as you don't want to miss out on what this retreat will bring to your life. The entire retreat is like an embodied journey that is facilitated with so much background knowledge that it is truly remarkable and life changing. The content has been carefully curated to take the body and soul on a journey that encompasses the learning and insights that Brittany has to offer, which is profound. Can't recommend highly enough and have embodied the learning into my everyday practices.."

- Jude Parkin
Specilaist Interior Designer


$ 497 Early Bird (before 1st September 2020)

$ 527 Full Investment

$ 447 Concession

* Payment plan option *

3 x monthly payments of $176


Camping accommodation among the wild alpine forests + full use of all onsite facilities

All meals plus organic teas, coffee & cacao

Full weekend of guided workshops and practices

Solo immersion time in nature

Pre-departure assistance, including packing lists


Not Included:

Camping equipment

Transport to venue

Personal snacks